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Site cutting for underground residential water mains system installment

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North Shore Earthmoving and Civil.

Whether you’re you’re preparing a new subdivision development or planning to add another property to your land, you’ll likely require excavation and trenching services. As many utility services run underground, excavation and trenching is generally required at the beginning of your project.

Our team are experienced trenching for the following utilities; electricity, gas, water, phone, internet, drainage, sewer systems and more. Whether your excavation project is big or small, our excavation team will provide prompt and reliable service at competitive rates.


Our trenching services are specifically focused on underground residential water main systems. The underground pipelines help transport water supply evenly throughout residential homes.

With proper trenching work, it should be able to provide your property with a seamless drainage and sewer system. If your property already has piping systems, our team will take all precautions to inspect and keep it intact while the work is in progress.

When working with hard surfaces such as concrete can be tricky. This will require the pipelines to be wrapped in a flexible sleeve to protect them from getting damages.

Site Cuts

To install the water mains, we will do a site cut / excavation. This is to help remove any hard or unwanted materials out of the way.

For safety purposes, we make sure that the pipe system is not too close to any neighbouring underground power cable systems to prevent electric shocks.

We are flexible to work around different terrains, surfaces, and different types of soil. Our machinery can handle hard surfaces including concrete and rocks by breaking them and clearing the site to prepare the ground for underground piping and cabling. If you are doing a large scale project that may also involve foundation or landscaping work, contact us to have more customised planning and solution.