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North Shore Earthmoving and Civil.

Need help with removing and transporting rubbish and debris or looking for an aggregate supply? Get in touch with us! We are flexible to work in any conditions including tight spaces and hard to access locations.

Truck Hire

4 wheeler tippers

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Concrete, rocks, topsoil, or any other debris, can easily be removed and transported by one of our trucks. Our truck hire includes a range of 4 and 6 wheeler tippers. Whether it be for a new build, landscaping, building retaining walls, or any other projects, we can help identify the truck hire that will suit your project and budget. Besides, all truck operations will be handled by us. Let us carry the heavy load and you can focus on the development of your project.

At Earthmoving and Civil, we recycle as much of your landfill as possible and leave no leftovers behind. If required, we also offer a range of digger and excavators that can work through different terrains.


Removal & Transportation: concrete, rocks, topsoil, trees or any other debris. Supply, Delivery & Laying: aggregates, sand, soil, and metal of different grades

Aggregate Supply

If you’re looking for the supply of aggregates, sand, soil, or metal of different grades, we can help you with that. Part of our aggregate supply service includes the delivery of these materials. Once delivered, we can also help with laying them down onto the ground while making sure that it’s solid and level.

Contact us for a quote or advice on the type of metal grade suitable for your project.